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Our Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

Our core belief lies in building a portfolio with compounding opportunities. After conducting fundamental research from the bottom up, we identify and invest in growing companies which enable us to identify a multibagger and create wealth for a long term.

How do we select the stocks?


We prefer unique business with a scalability or competitive advantage. The analysis we conduct is known as “Size of Pond Vs Size of Fish”


People are the real growth enablers. We understand the dynamics of the business and the technical expertise required for the management of stocks.


We identify the quantum of growth and understand whether it is durable and consistent. We further analyse if the growth has a compounding effect.

Financial Stability

We continuously check various financial ratios, consistency in profitability and various other financial parameters.

Bottom Up Approach



We prefer buying great companies at fair valuation rather than fair companies at great valuation.

To catch stock when it is young

We capture and build on the idea of a business model in its early stages for higher returns.